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IoT MiniBots | Life is more than screens

Kioobe is a concept that translates digital information into a physical movement. Users can easily define any digital event as a trigger for the Kioobe to act upon. Each trigger activates the Kioobe to interact with its environment. We call the combination of a trigger and the following movement a “recipe”. For a video with different Use-cases check out


Simply sync Kioobe with its app and define a recipe for it. When the defined event of the recipe takes place, Kioobe translates it into a physical movement. If triggered, Kioobe holds the movement until the user is near. By waiting for the user to get close, notifications will never go unnoticed. Kioobe can also be integrated into an increasing number of smart services. Connect the Kioobe to your Amazon echo and simply define a trigger by saying “ Hey Alexa, rotate my Kioobe 180° clockwise when I receive an Email from Sara. “ Sometimes a subtle change in our physical environment is more noticeable than an additional digital reminder on our smartphones. 


Kioobe lets you personalise where and how you receive information by making it tangible. Kioobe is the physical output for digital information in your life. 


By Mo Mohammad Moradi & Georg Klöck
Weissensee School of Art and Design, Berlin
Body Language of Machines
By Prof. Carola Zwick
Supported by eLab Weissensee


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