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Berlin – Germany

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Mobility | Automation for a better future

My passion for robotics and vehicles has guided me to meet extremely talented people with whom I am building a sustainable future of mobility.

At BÄR Technology at the heart of Berlin – Germany I am responsible as the director of design to conceptualize, build and deploy autonomous systems that can be launched to go to the most extreme situations to execute their tasks fully automated.

We build autonomous systems for a variety of sectors such as fire departments, emergency medical services, agriculture, cinema & entertainment, …

ARMOR is our LiDAR equipped rover that is used for sampling purposes where no human operator can go.

Arka-X is our light drone able to produce up to 120k lumens (almost daylight) is used in the cinema sector & for surveillance purposes.

Our BlackCamCar is another system we built for cinema professionals as a flexible & cost effective solution to record unparalleled scenes.

From creating carbon fiber parts to developing flight control electronics and deploying autonomous drones & rovers, it is all done in our in-house design center and manufacturing facilities in Berlin.

MADD | Modular Advanced Development Drone is our expandable drone that is equipped with NVIDIA image recognition system with a stackable structure that offers a modular drone for Artificial Intelligence purposes.

MADD’s stackable system lets the developers add or remove all the components needed for their A.I. applications.


HELI is our heavy-lifter drone able to carry loads up to 120kg, yet compact enough to be transported in a mid-size van.





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