Enriching the conversational human-computer interaction.        Idea | Ava is a smart assistant with body language. It is an experiment to explore whether adding physical feedback to an interface and having an extra layer of nonverbal communication would improve the way we interact with technology. … more…AVA


  Kioobe is a concept that translates digital information into a physical movement. Users can easily define any digital event as a trigger for the Kioobe to act upon. Each trigger activates the Kioobe to interact with its environment. We call the combination of a trigger and … more…Kioobe


WAYVER is a tactile output system for navigation devices that keeps users informed about their route without burdening their visual perception channel. The output medium are two bracelets that are worn on both wrists and are connected via Bluetooth to the navigation system operating on the users … more…WAYVER


[EN] MIDIOLA is a mobile app that pays homage to music rolls for early 20th century player pianos. With our program, digitized music rolls from the collection Deutsches Museum Munich can be played back with your cellphone. Rolls can also be scanned with the cellphone camera to … more…MIDIOLA


In komplexen Räumen zu bewegen und zu orientieren bedeutet für unserer Sinne immer eine Herausforderung. Im Stadtverkehr kann es sogar fatal sein, wenn man auf unerwartete Situationen nicht adäquat reagiert. Neben unserer Konzentrationsfähigkeit benötigen wir dafür einen gut funktionierenden, aufmerksamen Wahrnehmungsapparat. Unser primäres Organ zur Erfassung der … more…JAMES